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Fall 2022

Dance Magazine Internship

Madison has accepted the position of 'Fall Sales Intern' with Dance Media Productions, more specifically Dance Magazine. She will earn college credit toward her minor in Arts and Entertainment Management while contributing 10+ hours per week to working hand-in-hand with professionals at all levels of the company. She is excited to learn more about Media Management in the Performing Arts world. 

Pace University - Honors College Mentor 

Madison is excited to announce that she is a Mentor with the Pforzheimer Honors College where she provides support for three Commercial Dance Majors (Freshman). These new students depend on her advice and help with questions and concerns. She loves to spend time with her Mentees and build relationships with each of them. Madison is a friendly face and a trusting companion that will help guide them through their transition from High School to College. 

Chadash Contemporary Dance Movement
Summer 2022

Madison just finished working with Chadash Contemporary Dance Movement on a new production "Walking in the Dark", produced by Kelly Archer. Madison is a professional performer and Company member with Chadash, as well as Rehearsal Assistant. She was cast in the role of 'Darkness' where her character was able to experiment with contrasting movement and find balance between darkness and light. She continues to work with Chadash each August on the next production, and plans on returning with the Company for their August 2023 show. 

Concept Video “Ready” 

Summer 2022

Madison was invited by Choreographer/Director Katie Hazard to participate in a concept-based dance video she was producing titled "Ready". Madison felt honored to Dance on Camera with this cast and work under Katie's direction on this project. 

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