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Madison was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado before heading off to The Big Apple. She has been part of the Colorado dance community for 15 years where she trained in conservatory styles as a pre-professional student at Denver School of the Arts, and commercial styles with her extracurricular competition studio. After graduating high school, Madison followed her love for dance and the arts and moved to New York City to pursue her B.F.A. in Commercial Dance from Pace University. She plans to graduate in 2025. 


The Pace Commercial Dance program is preparing her for a well-rounded career. She is studying all styles of dance as well as Vocal, Acting, Pedagogy, Aerial, Choreography, Dance for Camera, and many more. She will have lots of audition practice and performance time throughout her four years at Pace University. Madison is also pursuing a minor in Arts and Entertainment Management and is a member of the Pforzheimer Honors College. New York City provides outside class opportunities at Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center where she likes to spend her spare time. 


When Madison isn’t in the studio you can find her adventuring in the amazing place she calls home. She loves to find cute boutiques and coffee shops in the city. If not there, she will curl up with a matcha latte in hand and read a good book or journal about her adventures and life. When feeling inspired she has been known to sew in hopes of creating something new that represents her love of fashion.

Her Objective is to…..

Secure a well-rounded career as a professional performer where she can contribute her skills and passion while working and training with the best directors and teachers in the world.

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